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Glastonbury Local Food and Drink


Food lovers visiting Glastonbury have a great choice of restaurants, cafes and take-aways.

If you want to sample some local produce during your stay, or want to take some home with you after your stay, this article summarises the fine selection food and drink from producers based in, or just outside Glastonbury.

Always check availability with the producer or stockist before making a special trip.


  • Burns the Bread – bread, sandwiches, savouries, cakes and pastries [we ♥ Torsy Moorsy cake]

WWW: Burns the Bread
T: 01458 831532
Available from shops at 14 High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DU ( ground.worthy.question ) and St Dunstan’s Car Park, Magdalene Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9EL ( smirking.extension.general ).

Cheese & Butter

  • Batch Farm (East Pennard) – cheese curd, farmhouse cheddar, flavoured cheddar, goats cheese, blue stilton cheese [we ♥ Hot Chilli and Chive Farmhouse Cheddar]

WWW: Batch Farm and Batch Farm – Facebook
T: 0117 3132855
Available online and from the farm shop at Batch Farm, East Pennard, SHEPTON MALLET, BA4 6TU or from Eggs and More or from My Fine Deli.

  • Brue Valley (Baltonsborough) – butter, mozzarella

WWW: Brue Valley and Brue Valley – Facebook
T: 01458 850260
Available from the farm or from Earthfare or from Eggs and More.

  • Green’s of Glastonbury Valley (West Pennard) – cheese [we ♥ Twanger]

Available from Earthfare or from Proper Job at Northload Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9JJ (   foods.unloading.multiples ), My Fine Deli or from Waitrose.

  • Wootton Organic Dairy (North Wootton) – cheese

WWW: North Wootton Dairy
T: 01749 890248
Available from Earthfare.

Cider, Beer and Apple Juice

  • Glastonbury Abbey – cider and apple juice

Available from the Glastonbury Abbey shop at Abbey Gatehouse, Magdalene Street, BA6 9EL (   forgives.doubts.remake )

  • Glastonbury Ales – ale and cider [we ♥ Magog cider]

WWW: Glastonbury Ales
T: 01458 830750
Available online and from the beer shop at Park Corner Farm, Park Corner, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8JY (   digests.lurching.haunt ) or from:

* The George & Pilgrims (pub) at 1 High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DP ( took.goofy.curtail )

* The King Arthur (pub) at 31-33 Benedict Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9NB ( reworked.binders.swim )

* The Old Tannery (restaurant & bar) at The Red Brick Building, Morland Road, Morlands Enterprise Park, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9FT ( upper.hits.proclaims )

* Abbey Tea Rooms (restaurant) at 16 Magdalene Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9EH ( saddens.marinated.companies )

* The Blue Note Cafe (cafe) at 4A High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DU ( contracts.projects.afraid )

* The Radstock Co-operative Society (the Co-op) at 32 – 34 High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DX ( voltages.booklets.supply )

* Earthfare (shop – see below)

* Knights of Glastonbury (restaurant) at 5 Northload Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9JJ ( balancing.dollar.bleat )

* Middlewick Farm Shop (shop – see below)

* Old Oaks (caravan site) at Wick, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8JS ( screening.wicket.firelight )

  • Hecks Cider (Street) – cider, apple juice, cider vinegar. The farm shop also has a range of pickles, chutneys, eggs, mustards, jams, marmalades, honey, cheddar cheese, fruit and vegetables [we ♥ Port Wine of Glastonbury]

WWW: Hecks Cider
T: 01458 442367
Available online and from the farm shop at 9-11 Middle Leigh, STREET, BA16 0LB or from Eggs and More (apple juice and cider vinegar only).

  • Letchford’s Cyder (Parbrook) – cider

WWW: Letchford’s Cyder – Facebook
T: 01458 851231
Available from Old Bakehouse, Parbrook, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8PD.

  • Moons Cider (West Pennard) – cider

WWW: Moons Cider
T: 07714 459963
Available online and from the cider shop at Woodbine Farm, Sticklynch, West Pennard, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8NA.

  • Salvage Cider – cider [we ♥ Salvage Medium cider]

WWW: Glastonbury Reclamation
T: 01458 831122
Available from Glastonbury Reclamation at The Old Pottery, Northload Bridge, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9LE ( remainder.brand.lends ).


  • Eggs and More

Available 0600 to 2100 7 days a week from roadside stall at side of 197 Wells Road, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9AW (  shrubbery.climber.copies ).

  • Lower Common Moor Farm

Available from the farm entrance at Black Pit Drove, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9AX (  appealed.respect.branched )

  • Torr View Poultry and Animal Feeds – eggs and local jams

Available from roadside stall at The Old Grey Barn, Alpaca Centre, Dyehouse Lane, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9QS (  mandolin.haystack.expert ).

Fresh Farm Foods

  • Dragon Willows Farm – organic locally grown seasonal fruit & vegetables, free range farm meats, fresh farm eggs, herbs, preserves

WWW: Dragon Willows Farm – Fresh Farm Foods
T: 07785 985643
Available from the farm at Godney Road, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9AF ( mastering.blanks.teaching ) or from Glastonbury Country Market – Town Hall ( reframe.templates.forge ) every Tuesday 0930–1230.


  • Black Bee Honey (Shepton Mallet) – honey, honey gin and anything to do with bees and honey [we ♥ the seed bombs and Black Bee Honey Gin]

WWW: Black Bee Honey
Available online with free delivery on orders over £25 or from Earthfare, Holland & Barrett or Ocado.


  • Dinah’s Finest – Blackberry Jelly made from blackberries picked from around Glastonbury Tor

Available from Eggs and More.


  • Stephens Butchers

WWW: Stephens Butchers – Facebook
T: 01458 832091
Available from the shop at 2 Market Place, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9HD ( differ.widest.vocals ).

Pickles & Ferments

  • Cultjar – (North Wootton) – ferments, pickles, seasonings

WWW: Cultjar
Available online with free delivery on orders of £45 and  addresses within 10 miles of BA4 4AJ or from My Fine Deli.

  • S M Pickles – cabbage, onions, shallots, chicken and quails eggs, beetroot [we ♥ the pickled eggs]

T: 01458 834953
Available from Eggs and More or from My Fine Deli.

Scotch Eggs

  • The Somerset Smokehouse (Meare) – scotch eggs [we ♥ the Falafel Scotch Eggs and The Somerset Scotch Eggs]

WWW: My Scotch Egg and The Somerset Smokehouse – Facebook
T: 01458 860728
Available online or from Wells Market – Market Place every Saturday, 9.30 am – 3 pm.


  • Mr Filberts (West Pennard) – gourmet nuts, marinated olives, cured meats, crunchy corn [we ♥ the gourmet nuts]

WWW: Mr Filberts
T: 01458 833744
Available from Middlewick Farm Shop (see below), online or from Ocado.


  • Glastonbury Spring Water

WWW: Glastonbury Spring Water
T: 01458 834344
Available online and from Glastonbury Ales beer shop (see above).


  • Pennard Organic Wines (East Pennard)

WWW: Pennard Organic Wines
T: 01749 860393
Available online with free delivery within 15 miles and from the shop at Avalon Vineyard, The Drove, East Pennard, SHEPTON MALLET, BA4 6UA.

The best places to source local produce:

  • Bridie’s Yard

A: Northover Buildings, Beckery Old Road, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9NU ( globe.crumples.noble )
WWW: Bridie’s Yard
T: 01458 83057

  • Co-op

A: 32 – 34 High Street, GLASTON URY, BA6 9DX ( voltages.booklets.supply )
WWW: The Radstock Co-operative Society – Glastonbury
T: 01458 831003

  • Earthfare

A: 45 High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DS ( overheard.gratitude.flattens )
WWW: Earthfare
T: 01458 831004

  • Eggs and More – see above.
  • Glastonbury Market – wide range of local produce including fresh vegetables, fish, fruit, bread, clothes, herbs.

A: St Dunstan’s Car Park, Magdalene St, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9EW ( legroom.smaller.shocks )
WWW: Glastonbury Market – Facebook
Every Tuesday from 0900-1500.

  • Glastonbury Country Market – products and produce locally handmade, baked and grown.

A: Town Hall, Magdalene St, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9EL ( reframe.templates.forge )
WWW: Glastonbury Country Market – Facebook
Every Tuesday from 0930-1230.

  • Middlewick Farm Shop

A: Wick, GLASTONBURY, BA6 8JW ( suspect.inversely.showrooms road access, fault.shredder.uproot )
WWW: Middlewick Holiday Cottages – Farm Shop & Cafe
T: 01458 832351

  • My Fine Deli

A: 22 High Street, GLASTONBURY, BA6 9DU ( keyboards.sunset.dried )
WWW: My Fine Deli
T: 01458 897464

Can you recommend any Glastonbury local food or drink? Do you know of any stockists of Glastonbury local food and drink?

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