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Explore the Avalon Marshes on Two Wheels


Part of the Somerset Levels, the Avalon Marshes are close to Glastonbury and perfect for cyclists. Avoiding the surrounding higher ridges and hills, there are some slightly raised parts but with a general elevation of just 10 to 12 feet (3 to 4 m) above sea level, the Marshes are mostly pancake flat. With mostly quiet roads, droves and cycle paths, exploring the Marshes on two wheels is a great way to appreciate the beauty of the countryside in this area.

Here are 6 routes to explore:

  • The Bittern Trail – Waymarked cycle and walking route that links Glastonbury and the Avalon Marshes Centre. The bulk of its route is traffic free running through the Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath nature reserves. This provides lots of interest on your way with wildlife all around you, lots of history and a very special landscape.

To find out more you can pick up a Bittern Trail leaflet at Glastonbury Information Centre located right in the centre of the town or from the Avalon Marshes Centre. You can also download a copy here

Four circular cycle routes produced by the Avalon Marshes which take in the best of the area and tell you about the heritage you will find along the way. All of the routes are suitable for road bikes and include lots of opportunities for refreshment:

  • Cider & Cripps – 11 Miles (17 km) – Easy with with one short hill climb

This interesting cycle route takes you around the north western corner of the Avalon Marshes area. Lots of pubs and even a Cider Farm along the route! The villages of Mark or East Huntspill make good starting points. Download a copy of the route here

  • Eastern Moors – 13 Miles (21 km) – Easy (with two short sections of busy main road)

This cycle route explores the eastern marshes including Queen’s Sedge Moor, Hearty Moor, Kennard Moor and the green fringes of the Isle of Avalon. Download a copy of the route here

  • Reserves & Lake Villages – 16 Miles (26 km) – Flat (other than some bumpy bits!)

Covering the central Avalon Marshes, this route takes in three National Nature Reserves and the sites of the Lake Villages. Plenty of places for refreshment along the route. Download a copy of the route here

  • Roman Saltworks & Peat Moors – 18 Miles (29 km) or two shorter loops – A climb onto the Polden Ridge

This route links the Avalon Marshes Centre and the villages of Westhay, Burtle, Edington, Chilton Polden and Cossington. It takes you through a landscape of big skies and long views. There is lots of history and heritage on the way (and several refreshment stops). Download a copy of the route here

  • The Glastonbury Cycleway – 18 mile (29 km) long circuit around the Glastonbury area and includes The Bittern Trail, 3 National Nature Reserves, all of National Cycle Network Route 3 that passes through Glastonbury and Glastonbury Tor! The route includes several points of interest and refreshment stops along the way to break up the adventure. Details about The Glastonbury Cycleway can be found here

Day Trip to Wells

Another two wheeled adventure to consider is a cycle ride to the beautiful city of Wells and back. Taking a quiet, relatively traffic free route across the Levels, Wells is less than 8 miles away.

Details of the route can be found here

Don’t have a cycle? Not a cyclist?

We have the solution! Glastonbury Electric Bikes let you explore the Glastonbury area on two wheels with the aid of a battery.

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Do you have a favourite cycle route around the Somerset Levels?

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